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EcoDUSTRIAL coatings are thermoplastic polymer powder coating finishes, applied by means of our thermal flame spray application process. 

EcoDUSTRIAL coatings (by the EcoFINISH brand) are different from all other paints and finishes currently being used for construction and industrial applications. The installation machinery is completely portable, so the finish can be applied at any location and on virtually any surface to create a beautiful protective layer that will last for many years.

EcoDUSTRIAL coatings are non-porouspH neutral, and can endure harsh weather and UV exposure. These extremely high quality finishes are resistant to chipping, peeling, chalking, and cracking, and they maintain some of their flexibility even at low temperatures. It dries in seconds - not days or weeks which is the case with other industrial coatings. The finish can be applied to both wet and dry locations (even ocean water), and can be applied on concrete, fiberglass, and metal surfaces at installation speeds up to 800 square feet per hour.  

EcoDUSTRIAL coatings can provide the durable, long lasting coating solution your project demands.

EcoDUSTRIAL protects your object and there's no more painting required. It will look great!



EcoDUSTRIAL on Bonaire

Our sister company BSC Pool&Spa has been using the EcoFINISH product AquaBRIGHT on pools for over a year now. Customers are very satisfied and the demand is enormous. That's why BSC Painting decided to start working with the new industrial version of the EcoFINISH product called EcoDUSTRIAL.

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