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Use EcoDUSTRIAL for...

EcoDUSTRIAL can be applied to numerous surfaces and therefore has many purposes.
For the best results we start the process with sand blasting the surface totally clean.

Some examples:

  • The inside of your fishing boat (water tight)
  • The stairs into the sea (anti-slip!)
  • The lampposts on the streets (no more painting)
  • Motor parts (protection)
  • The corrugated sheet roof of your house (water tight & looks great)
  • A playground for the kids (colorful & anti-slip, except for the slide of course)
  • Street markings (clear & hardly any wear)
  • Buoys for small vessels and big ships (no more maintenance & any color you like)
  • Your porch floor (pick a standard color or custom blend that goes well with the house)
  • Your pool deck (anti-slip & beautiful)
  • The railing of your balcony (no more maintenance)
  • Your steel banisters (nice color)
  • Poles for traffic signs or billboards (no more maintenance & various colors or stripes)
  • Your container home (nice color & great protection; no more maintenance)
  • Industrial machinery (protection)
  • The hold of a ship (water tight & low maintenance)
  • Stockrooms and shop racking (a nice color matching the corporate identity)
  • The inside of your cistern for (drinking) water (safe & water tight)
  • The inside of your septic tank (water tight)
  • etc. etc. (think of anything!)

For the coating of your swimming pool please take a look at the website of our sister company BSC Pool&Spa. For this we use the AquaBRIGHT product, also by the EcoFINISH brand.


Let us know!

If you believe our EcoDUSTRIAL coating can be of use for your home, your company or the organization your work for, let us know! We'll take a look at the object that needs to be coated, decide whether the surface is suitable for this technique, talk to you about the color and the desired structure of the coating (smooth or anti-slip), provide you with an estimate of the costs and get on with it after your approval.

After that, you won't see us back for many many years. Or at least, not for the same object.

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