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What does your home mean to you? Is it a place to retire, to unwind, to reflect, to be nicely on your own or have a conversation with a good friend now and then, whilst enjoying some relaxing music on the background...? Or is your home like an open door where people walk in and out, loud voices and happy music, where family members and friends always feel welcome, where the laughter is loud and discussions are inspiring? Whatever the case is, your house must feel good to you. A place to really feel at home.

Your character determines your choices of interior decorations. Do you prefer light base tints or the bright colors? Do you choose serenity, silence, or do you show your guts? You probably won't realize it, but your color choices, both for the interior and the exterior of your home, say a lot about your character. Also, the color scheme you have chosen influences your mood. Now that's something to think about.

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Let's start off with white. You're not choosing white as a basis for your home's interior because you're boring, are you? Or because you don't know what else to choose? On the contrary. White is the sum of all colors together. When light is fully reflected, we see the color white. The color white doesn't reflect or absorb heat. Yet, white stands for happiness, feast, truth, purity, joy, tenderness and love.

There are many different variations of white available in both wall paint and wood paint. By combining different shades of white you'll create a ton-sur-ton effect that brings warmth, singularity and depth to your interior. White walls, a white ceiling and white furniture combine beautifully especially when they're not all the same tint. Details of rough woods, like in a side table, add a more robust touch and add up to a more exciting home interior.

If you choose white as a base, give extra attention to your bedroom. Here, white-on-white creates a feeling of softness and dreaminess. Similar to what applies for the other rooms in your house, not only the painted surfaces determine the atmosphere, but above all the fabrics you use for your bed and windows do this. The more luxurious textiles, like linen, really belong here! To finish, place a really light colored carpet next to your bed, which of course matches the floor. Not because you're afraid of cold feet, but for the marvellous feeling it gives you when you get out of bed in the morning. A great beginning of the day!   Top.


Yellow is the color of the sun, the silent force that radiates us with warmth and light and makes us happy. Yellow also is the color of knowledge, concentration and self confidence. It awakens your body, focus and concentration. With yellow in your home interior, you'll have the feeling you can do anything in life. People who love yellow are curious and always on the move.

One or several yellow walls in your home bring in the sun and feeling of warmth. Yellow colors always create a nice atmosphere. Many houses on Bonaire are yellow on the outside, too. This typical Bonairean yellow is similar to ochre and reflects beautifully in the sunlight.   Top


A much debated color: red. Red stands for passion and agression so it can be wonderful as well as dangerous. Red and its various shades look beautiful in home interiors and can say a lot about you... But be careful to apply this color moderately or it might get to you.

Did you know that red is not just an agressive eye catcher, but also influences for your digestion and appetite? Red makes you hungry. So for a restaurant red is a great base color, but when you're on a diet you better be careful using too much of this color in your interiour :)   Top


Yes, grey is a color too! It represents neutrality and passivity. That may sound a bit boring, but it's not a negative thing at all. Grey walls support a serious conversation; you'll put the focus on the content because there are no distractions. So grey is a very good base color for offices or rooms where presentations are being held. Also, for your office at home grey is an eligible color.

There are many shades of grey available in both wall and wood paints, so there is always one that suits your needs, from extremely cool to very warm, and from almost white to nearly black.   Top


Blue is a typical Caribbean color because it is associated with clear skies and deep blue oceans. It stands for stability and power and is the perfect color for assertive people. Also reliability, wisdom, loyalty, expertise and honesty are chracteristics that belong to the color blue. A blue house or an interior with a blue base says it all...

Blue shades can be combined beautifully with greens for a warm effect and with yellow for a more open and happy feeling.   Top


Purple represents a feeling of luxury and a perfect sense of style. This color occurs very little in nature and therefore used to be expensive to fabricate, the exact reason why it's linked to luxury. Originally, the production of purple dyes was meant for clothing only, but later on the creation of purple paints emerged. Purple is a unique color and will give your interior a stylish and formal appearance.

Purple combines very well with natural base colors such as grey. The neutral feeling of grey and the eye catching luxurious purple keep each other in balance, which gives a result right there in the assertive middle.   Top


Brown is masculine and stable so it adds both power and tranquillity to your home. With a brown based interior you radiate authority. Of course, it's not just a men's thing, it's also the perfect color for women! For people who have a hard time deciding on what colors to choose, browns are often a good option,

Brown combines amazingly with sparkling white, creating a modern and contemporary effect. When combined with yellows and oranges, it evolves into a retro look. Bronze and greys are usually not combined, however the right mix of shades can create a beautiful and bold effect.   Top


Green is associated with positivity, harmony, safety and regeneration. After all, it's the color of nature and of a traffic light that says GO! On top of that, green has a calming effect on the eyes, which might come in handy at home. This color, like grey, is very usefull in spaces where you want to have good conversations or inspiring presentations.

Green combines very well with most colors, such as blue and grey. However, to maintain the desired feeling of serenity, don't combine it with too many other colors.   Top


Yes, black is also a great base for your interior. With black you say: I'm serious. Not an open book. It makes you appear slightly reserved. It creates a sense of mystery. If you like to portray a more open and approachable attitude, black may not be a good choice for you.

Twenty years ago, a fully black wall inside your house would have been unthinkable. Today, things have changed. An ultra black wall can look great in many spaces. However, we suggest you don't do this on Bonaire unless you have a totally mosquito free house. Those little creeps don't come to the light, like many believe to be true, but are attracted by warmth. This is why they fly towards lamps but also towards dark surfaces and spaces that just appear warm. Ever worn black clothes on Bonairean evenings? Than you know what we mean. Our advise: if you still want black in your interior, use details of it in your furniture (not a whole couch but f.i. table legs) and accessories.   Top