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With our new sand blasting machine, we clean any surface right to the original material.

Paint, rust and limescale disappear so that the new layer of EcoDUSTRIAL (or paint) will look amazing. This technique is suitable for both private as well as industrial applications.


From sand to baking soda...

BSC Painting purchased this brand new sand blasting machine as we will be using it in combination with our new product EcoDUSTRIAL coatings. But naturally, the machine can be used for any cleaning job. So if you're not interested in EcoDUSTRIAL but you just want to remove old layers of paint or dirt from your facade, floor, shutters or anywhere else, we can still be of service!

Our sand blasting machine cleans any surface to the bone. Old paint layers, rust and limescale disappear. Even graffiti can be removed nicely and easily with it.

Actually, we don't just work with sand but also with for instance crushed shells, pieces of walnut shells and even baking soda. Every job and surface have their own needs and methods. Baking soda for instance, works very well for cleaning up marble floors.

Don't hesitate to contact us for advice on your cleaning job!

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Our sand blasting machine.

Our sand blasting machine.