BSC (Building Service Carribbean) has been producing quality construction on the islands for over 45 years, of which 30 years on Bonaire. When swimming pools became an increasingly important part of our activities, this section of the company was designated BSC Pool&Spa. The original company became BSC Painting.

Over the years BSC Painting specialized in long term painting and maintenance. Quality and service are our core values. Because of this, we have long lasting relationships with many customers. Not just private clients, but also a lot of resorts and other (commercial) companies.

We employ a great team of professional painters and construction workers who know exactly what our clients expect from us. We use the best paint of the Antilliaanse Verffabriek (Antillian Paint Factory) from Krioyo Paint and the best paint brands of Wema. The products measure up to the most strict standards and are resistant to the tropical island climate. Excellent quality is our standard.

The best paint in the most beautiful colors, applied by our top team.
— BSC Painting