We use paints that have been developed specially for the Caribbean climate. This means long term high quality.
— Frank Bierings, BSC Painting

BSC Painting specializes in planned long term maintanance and has many of Bonairean resorts and other companies as regular customers. We take long term responsibility for painting and maintenance. Also, we provide advise and are able to choose a color scheme for your commercial buildings that adds to the indentity and image of your company. With 30 years of experience on Bonaire we're a stable and trustworthy partner.




In short: your commercial building should look great on any picture. This attracts customers. Images of your properties on the internet or in brochures, for instance your shop, rental home or apartments, provide your potential clients with their highly important first impression. The second impression comes when they actually get to your place. The appearance of your building defines the atmosphere and when handles correctly, customer will really get acquinted to your business.

For a tourist destination, colors are even more important than for other companies. Tourists expect a Caribbean atmosphere, which won't be there without the right colors! Not just on the outside but also on the inside.



Paint layers have the conservation of the buildings as their most important function. After all, the investment has to keep its value. Still maintenance, like constructional issues, will be neseccary and fortunately we specialize in those, too. Also we do glass and wall paper work. All this is done by our professional team of regular, trained employees.

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Ask for a financal offer today! Call or email us for an appointment. We'll be happy to take you to visit some of our regular long term clients to show how we work.